Full House
1. (Card Games) poker a hand with three cards of the same value and another pair
2. (Theatre) a theatre, etc, filled to capacity
3. (Games, other than specified) (in bingo, etc) the set of numbers needed to win

“FULL HOUSE” will present works by all the artists with whom we released a “FAN OF” zine and edition in the past 2 years.

During one month Bunk Club will take over Shanaynay’s space in Paris.

July 10 – Aug 1, 2015
Exhibition opening July 9, 6-9 PM
Supported by Vedett

+ After BBQ at Exo Exo
10 ter rue bisson
75020 paris

Andy Boot
Claudia Comte
Debora Delmar Corp
Samuel François
Erik Frydenborg
Lucas Knipscher
Tatiana Kronberg
Leonardo Micarelli
Nicolas Party
Joshua Smith
Olivier Vandervliet
Pedro Wirz

78 rue des amandiers,
75020 Paris

Open Fri/Sat 14:00-18:00 and by appointment

FULL HOUSE at Shanaynay Paris from Bunk Club on Vimeo.